WIDU Partnership Project

  • Diaspora WIDU Information DAY 2021

  • After a succesfull info day we have decided to create a form to invite anyone who missed the event to register. Once we get enough registration we will invite you for info day

    Information day for the African diaspora from Germany and Austria with roots from Ghana, Cameroon, Kenya, Ethiopia, Togo

    Switzerland, Italy, France, Belgium coming soon

    We will be informing you how to get free grant to support your family business in Africa .

    Choose any of the three days and share with others .

    You are recommended to get your Africa partner for both of you to get informed

    Information is there to share lets build Africa continent economically by taking part.

    Its a free information day for Diaspora community from the mentioned countries Ghana, Cameroon Kenya Ethiopia and Togo . Registration is needed

    You as diaspora from Germany and Austria invite your business partner in Kenya, Cameroon Ethiopia or Ghana to join this information day so that you can understand how it works

    Planned Date for 2021 at 19:00 to 20:45 CET

    January : 8th & 18th

    February : 8th & 19th

    March : 1st & 19th

    April : 5th & 23rd

    May : 3rd & 21st

    Zoom Meeting details will be send to you per eamil before the meeting.


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