WIDU Partnership Project

Thank you to those who took part in this project. We reached over 1,000 people during info day and some did make it to apply and receive the grants. We are proud of all of you who made this project a success especially the diaspora living in Europe. We created jobs and businesses hence eradicating poverty in our families and friends

We would like to thank TANG under GIZ for partnering with us AWE & AWT and we look forward to more partnership and toughing more lives . This was a 10 Information day.

We also want thank Madam Delpine Epote Mutete founder of Africa Ivory Center also AWE award winner for reaching out to work together on this project and for taking time to help all applicants to comply to application hence the success .

For next 10 session in year 2021 please register below https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZwscuCrpjIrHtD9NGB9gq3aD83CWsc2ZTvb

2nd June DONE

16th June

30th June

14th July 

28th July 

Break 2 months (August & September)

13th October

27th October

10th November

24th. November

8th December 

Below is a video of just a few projects that were supported under this partnership project

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