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Entrepreneur of the year Award Nominee

Multi entrepreneur: business sustainability strategist. international speaker, natural hair care therapist, author, coach.
I have been in the cosmetic business since 2004. started the first natural hair care salon in Amsterdam in 2009. developed a hair care philosophy. currently we are offering a certification program offering people to enroll in classes to become a natural hair care therapist. Currently writing a book about hair care. With our white label program, we offer salons the possibility to have high quality products with their own label on it. we go as far as designing the label as well if needed. for salons we also provide business training and coaching ( hospitality training) especially for the black hair salons. sales training for the personnel.

With my degree in Business computer science I help organizations structure their processes. as a Business sustainability strategist, I help organizations to transform their organizations into sustainable companies.

As a speaker and coach I empower woman and young ladies in the field of technology, financial education and business


I am a 38 year old Kenyan, married, 2 Kids. I came to Germany in 2006 and immediately started working as a dishwasher. I had done a diploma in Law in Kenya and had hoped to further my Degree here in German, i didn’t make it but 1 had already found my calling and passion.  In the course of a few months, i was working as waiter.
I  love cooking and i used to ask my boss if i could watch them working in the kitchen after my working hours, without pay!  January 2012 with 2 small kids, i completed my Apprenticeship as Cook as the best Student in our region! about 3 Years ago we opened our Restaurant. I am very keen on positively representing our culture. A 3 Star Chef with whom i had the honor to cook in our restaurant called me an excellent ambassador of the african cuisine! I refused to back down even after i was told an African restaurant would be a flop! I believe that when you do what you love, and put your all in it, nothing is impossible!

Visit Her Hotel Website

Music Artist  of the year Award Nominee

work so hard to promote the African culture and music here in Europe. My Band is committed to doing only African music and it’s the only band doing the same in this city of Osnabrück. I also look forward to collaborating with other African bands and inviting them over. The band played recently in an annual cultural Festival and got only standing ovations. We sing peace Music and through the shows that we do, we motivate not only the Africans in this city but also fight for the rights of refugees. I also have come a long way, singing and backing up other renowned musicians like Kidum, Maroon commandos, and Jamnazi Africa both on studio recordings and live on stage. I have an album and working on the second one that includes the Band, thereafter we have a dream of making a Europe Tour to promote the album. We hope our dreams shall come true   WEBSITE: Born in Sierra Leone, West Africa to diplomat parents, Tutu grew up in the United States and England before finding her roots in Germany. By the age of 16, she began singing in studios, and allowing the melange of vibrant cultures to influence her sound. 3 years later she landed her first solo record deal, but in the process, lost the essence of what made her love music in the first place. After nearly a 2 decades long break from the music industry, Tutu “Singer / Songwriter” returned with a new authenticity and sense of self. Her first single from the debut album “Show Me Love”, an ode to the roles played by women in society: mother, caretaker, lover and as well as fighter. The debut album “My Tree Gonna Grow”, is honest, raw, filled with authentic storytelling of love, disillusion, growing pains and self-fulfillment, at the same time projecting strength, confidence and hope. A modern and distinctive African folk with strong vocals and minimalistic sounds that are mixed with English and smatterings of Sierra Leone’s colorful Patois. An intimate Afro Neo-Soul genre combined with exploration of womanhood. My tree’s gonna grow! My tree’s gonna grow!! My tree’s gonna grow!!! are the words that motivate Tutu and give her strength during difficult chapters and positive times in life. A chant that echoes in everyone of the raw, real and emotionally charged 16 songs on the album.

Empowerment Woman of the Year Award Nominee

I feel very honored to have been nominated in this category. As a mum of five who had to give up her career for the sake of her kids, life can get very challenging and depressing sometimes. In such moments I need other women to take me by the hand and say “common Laura, you are strong! You can do this!” and that is what I try to give to my fellow sisters in my own little way. Women Empowerment and Empowerment in general is very close to my heart and with this nomination and hopefully the award, I believe I will be able to do even more for my community.Women can only grow and develop positively when we stand and work together, when we support and encourage each other.

Male role Model of the Year Award Nominee

    Joy Alemazung’s professional and social engagement involve: promoting migrants through providing them with financial support and counseling in their voluntary and professional engagement in the society (in the area of development, migration and integration); education and facilitating educative programs and conferences on Gender Equality at national and international level with (non) state actors including government officials and institutions in Germany, the UN Women German and Iceland National Committees (See Concept and Program implemented titled: Agenda 5/17: Gender Equality through Partnership between global south and North… etc..); advice and promotion of organized civil society as well as state and nongovernmental institutions with funding from the German Federal Ministry for economic cooperation and development in the priority area of global justice: u.a. to the 2030 Agenda, in particular, objectives: 4 (inclusive, fair and quality education: see example of a project initiated and implemented by Joy:, 5 (gender equality and Self-determination for all women and girls), 8 (permanent, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, productive full employment and promote decent work for all) and 10 (inequality within and reduce between states) and 16 (Peaceful and inclusive societies in the Promoting sustainable development, giving all people access to justice enable and develop effective, accountable and inclusive institutions all levels. Joy, the global man of the people as many would describe him has won many awards for his engagement amongst them the most influential African in Germany 2015/16:  

Company of the Year Award Nominee

Dr Jennifer Obaseki – Business Woman & Award-Winning Lawyer has an Honorary PhD due to excellence in Humanitarian work. She studied BA Law with Economics and been practicing as a solicitor over 16 yrs. She is the Director of LegalPaal LLP and Obaseki & Co Ltd which is an international multi award winning Law firm. Jennifer Obaseki manages teams specialising in Immigration, Private client, Civil litigation, Negligence, Family, Crime, Property and Commercial law. Due to the high demand for her expertise she runs offices and legal clinics Over the United Kingdom and is the training principle and mentor within her group of companies.

Ms Obaseki is also the director of SupplyToMyDoor Ltd , Observing the Best of Africa (OBA) Productions and Launch From London. Ms Jennifer Obaseki also has a community television program running for more than 8 years immigration and writes articles for a variety of publications. She also lectures internationally for Government NGOs, and institutions including the United Nations and Oxford University. Jennifer is also the Director of Professionals Against Gender Based Violence and Affirm Human Rights NGOs that support migrants and vulnerable people around the world.
Jennifer Obaseki and her practice have received a number of prestigious awards for business, supporting community activities and work against Gender Based Violence.

Optiven Group has been at the forefront of empowering the Kenyans living or working in the diaspora through providing opportunities to invest in the motherland. In addition, we have been awarded including in the diaspora space for our open and honest operations in terms of being accountable with integrity. An example is the Voice Awards, DEAR Awards and KWITU in the United States of America and The Netherlands respectively. Towards transforming the society, the Optiven Group has spearheaded the process and stood out among peers in terms of giving back to the community. This we have done through offering scholarships to the needy, carrying out medical camps, budiling houses for the senior forgotten citizens, mobilizing donations for wheelchairs to benefit those living with disability in the most remote areas, providing food during the drought seasons in remote areas under the Feed One More Campaigns, as well as providing daily food and building modern shelters for classrooms, dormitories, dinning room, kitchen and office at the Soweto Children's Home in the Kayole slum area among others.



I am Serah Olajumoke Balogun James (SOBJ as popularly known)
I am an alumnus of The University of social sciences Rotterdam, Netherlands where I bagged a BBA in the triple combined studies Management Economics and Law. And own a postgrad certification in law enforcement from the SPV police institution in the Netherlands.
I have worked in different law enforcement government agencies for 14 years, for different municipality governments in the Netherlands. Where I rose from the operational level to the management level as a unit Team leader.
Presently I am working as a Freelance Education Law Enforcement consultant for multiple Municipalities in the Netherland. And also as an International Commodity and Services Procurement Consultant.
I am also the President/founder of Stichting Cultuur Jam and the CEO of Shine Cosmetics. Stichting Cultuur Jam is a Foundation dedicated to the integration, development, and emancipation of African immigrants in the Netherlands, especially those in those in disadvantaged socioeconomic situations. (
Shine Organic Cosmetics produces and distributes beauty products like liquid African black soaps, scrubs, masks and natural oils, fully organic. And mainly made of typical African herbs and condiments, by African women in the rural areas of Nigeria. This is in the bid to preserve centuries-old African beauty regimen and products, empower the African women in the rural areas, present the beauty of African tradition through our cosmetics to the world.
And at the same time to promote and encourage the use of chemical free cosmetic products towards a healthy living.


Event Organizer of the Year Award Nominee

  Oladunni who originates from Nigeria is an Engineering Triage Manager with SAP SuccessFactors. She plays a critical role in bridging the gaps between customer facing and Engineering Teams. She remains curious, enthusiastic and is ready to take on new challenges and thrives on building and maintaining healthy relationships.  She has a B.A Combined Honors in French/German from University of Ibadan, Nigeria and an M.A in Germanic Languages and Literature from University of Massachusetts, Amherst.  She has proven that even without a Technology background, she has been able to succeed through dedication and perseverance to become an expert in her field of work as a woman in tech. She is currently the chapter lead in Germany for Women in Tech Africa and organizes local events aimed at empowering women in areas of leadership, entrepreneurship and peer-to-peer learning and providing an opportunity for networking.

Youth of the Year Award Nominee


I work as Consultant and GEO/Data scientist.

Co-founder & vice president Kenderaalala Women Group (KAWG). A CBO which aims at increasing the income and improving the livelihood of women in Samia District, Kenya.

I lead a group of upcoming Geo Scientist whose main aim is to combine Geo and data science to tackle challenges rising in Africa (Mainly in Kenya).

I also act as a mentor and “e-counsellor”, (especially to girls and women), at present, I mentor 5 girls from Kenya (Grade 7 and 10 (from Samia), and 3 post-secondary education girls). For the grade 7 and 10, I mentor them on the aspect of life, need for education and career path. Many girls in my village end up in early childhood marriages or pregnancy, to see this to a minimal, I began my mentorship journey. The ones in post-secondary education, wish to get guidance into career change or focus (Path).

In 2014, she was the organiser and coach with Django Girls Nairobi – An NGO that
empowers and helps women to organise free programming workshops by providing
tools resources and support. ( My main aim was to bring something beneficial home.

NON government Organization (NGO) of the Year Award Nominee     I went through difficulties as a student. My last years of high school was spent mostly out of the classroom than in the classroom. I managed to sit for my exams and got a fail. I am proud in the fact that I have a certificate to show. I am now a self employed nurse thanks to education and not the marks. Kadowinja Foundation was formed to give financial support to the school children in Kenya. We also motivate them to get their certificate /diploma’s. We have Well wishes who have been with us for 10 Years. Without their support I could never have made it. We are proud of what we have achieved and expect to do more in the future     A dependable experienced and enthusiastic Senior Clinical Research Associate within PRA CRO outsourced to vertex pharmaceuticals with over 12 years working experience within the Dutch health care system. I also bring you 5 years’ experience as a CRA with major CROs like IQVIA and Covance. Skills include flexibility, adaptability, analytical thinking, creative problem solving and the ability to build quality relationships between the CRO, sponsor and site within a short period of time. Founder and president of the Bleeker Foundation an organization which main objective is to reduce the alarming teenage pregnancy rate in sub Saharan Africa through education. Furthermore, we provide existing teenage mothers with a second chance to improve their overall standard of living and become independent and sustainable. A mother of two boys 22 and 15 and a wife for 17 years.

Media/ Blogger/ Magazine of the Year Award Nominee


I am passionate about media and broadcast journalism. I thought my experience as an East African Broadcast Journalist will be put on shelve when I started my Ph.D. in Germany three years ago. Surprisingly I immediately started writing for Mkenya Ujerumani and doing a Ph.D. It was an interesting balance between academia and the media. Through the people features that I was popularly known for, I discovered I had a way of capturing peoples emotions, laughter, joy, pain, triumphs I was motivated to keep on writing. My Ph.D. Thesis was themed on “Narratives of Migration and Development as Discourses in Transnational Digital Migrant Media”: The Case of Kenyan Migration to Europe, through the research I found a gap in the representation of Africans in the Diaspora and in March 2018, I launched Diaspora Radio an online media platform where we interview Africans across the Western world, linking them to the homeland in programs shaped on themes that range from entrepreneurship, African politics, gender, social interactions. We endeavor to see the ordinary in the extraordinary. On diaspora Radio we bring voices alive, narratives are embraced and continue to reach a transnational enthusiastic audience. In 2018, the Brandenburg University of Technology (BTU) recognized this effort, where I received the Women Advancement Award. I am committed to the course, Diaspora Radio has a website at We stream online at
Our Facebook page can be accessed at
The unique approach is that we are linked to Kenya through transnational content creation and platform sharing. Ray Mutai of Mind Games Production and Diaspora Radio’s Programs Manager is in charge of the Kenyan chapter of Diaspora Radio. This year we aim to register Diaspora Radio as an Association in Germany (e.V). Thereafter, we will revamp production studios in Kenya, at the moment w continue co-production with MindGames.



Maame Dentaa Amoo
Started blogging about her experiences as an African Mother in Germany in order to inspire and inform others. She later moved on tho setting up a growing support group for African women in Germany.

Motivational Speaker of the Year Award Nominee

International Speaker and author. Depression survivor,domestic violence survivor and a single refugee mum.She is a living proof that anybody can reinvent their lives after going through any tough time. Using her story,she is passionately transforming lives by helping audiences break through difficult times and discover their own self worth and potentials.She is traveling and speaking to youth in universities,women at conferences,corporations,cooperations and other events energizing people to defeat the challenges of the world around them.  

Writer of the Year Award Nominee

Am a Nurse/Midwife a freelance writer and a speaker  ( Co-Autor of 3books, Autor of „ A long struggle to finding me“ . Second solo book due for launching in October.So grateful to be nominated for this amazing event and congratulations to all the organizers and my fellow nominees



Am a Tanzanian and a mum of two children. Upon completion of my law degree in London my husband and me decided to move to Brno, Czech Republic, which is my husband’s hometown. Having decided to teach my children Swahili far away from Tanzania, I came across many challenges, which at the same time unfolded my hidden passion and love. Through these challenges I have come to learn the damage caused to many children due to lack of children Swahili books . So I ended up becoming a children book writer and a kindergarten teacher of both Swahili and English language. I am dedicated each and every second of my life to teaching and giving our children any useful information in Swahili. I have therefore published Sauti ya Jogoo, a children book which is also available in English as Rooster’s Voice. Both of my books are available on Amazon. I have more book to come but soon to be published is “MBEGU MSAFIRI”. I have also started a YouTube channel ( CORONA CERMAK) and a Facebook page ( MTOTO NI AKILI HURU/ A CHILD IS FREE MIND) where I make educational videos in Swahili to help children learn at the comfort of their mother tongue. Apart from this I am also very proud to be the first person to initiate the teaching of Swahili language at Masaryk University language Centre in Brno, Czech Republic.
I believe children from day one to the age of 7 learn better in their mother tongue. This is a very crucial stage of learning; therefore we must do our best to provide them with all the resources of learning well. Thank you and don’t forget too visit my Youtube channel
And my books on Amazon

African Fashion Designer of the Year Award Nominee     I feel so honoured to have been nominated in this category. I am proud of all the artisans and designers behind Angaza. Angaza partners with the under-privileged local artisans and designers from the informal settlements in Kenya. Angaza supports their craftsmanship and showcases these unique fashion, creations & accessories on a global stage. With this platform, they become financially stable as they move from the ‘Aid to Trade’ ideology. Angaza means shine in Swahili. Our hope is that these artisans can finally arise and shine as their dawn has finally come to be internationally recognised. Isaiah 60:1.     I am a Kenyan designer and I have a passion for fashion. I do create african designs to suit different occasions. I also like showcasing our cultural wear as we have in Kenya very colourful traditiinal wear. I am based in Zurich Switzerland. I feel that showcasing the african designs helps promote our colourful fabrics and encourages people to try out these fabuloues designs.

Community Service of the Year Award Nominee

Binta Fatty was born in 1987, she is a Gambian national living in Europe for many years. She is the Founder/CEO of “Women decide NO to FGM & child marriage, YES to education for all girls”. This is a platform that advocates to stop all harmful practices towards women and girls, and to promote education for girls.

After having given birth at just 15 years of age, Binta had grown to adulthood very young, and has never stopped since then to commit herself to try to make the world a better place. Still in the Gambia, she started being a fervent activist against the tradition of “Female Genital Mutilation” (FGM), and of Child Marriage, which unfortunately still largely prevails in her country. Then during her student years in Poland, she organized several African-Polish Business Cooperation Conferences, she worked with several Humanitarian Organizations and she represented the Gambia on the yearly European Economics Congress in Katowice.
She organized on 25th Nov 2018 for the first time in Berlin the Survivors match “Orange the world”, 16 Days of Activism #HearMeToo campaign to end violence against women and girls. Then she organized on 6th Feb 2019 an awareness Demonstration for International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation #UnitedToStopFGM in Berlin powered by “Terre Des Femme e.v.”.
Back in the Gambia in Jan 2019 she organized several events in schools to promote girls’ education.
Binta’s educational background includes a B.A. in International Business from Skarbek University in Poland and a graduate certificate in Diplomacy and International Organization from the European Academy of Diplomacy in Warsaw, Poland.
As a “Change Agent ” I believes that through education and open discussions on the topic, especially in the very far remote villages, the taboo walls surrounding everything related to religion will be brought down, and ultimately common sense and empathy will prevail over those century old traditions.

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