Oct 3 10:00AM–10:30AM · Stage


Welcome Attendees and Workshop speaker Introduction


Oct 3 10:30AM–11:10AM · Sessions

Cooking class workshop

Nutrition, fast and easy health dishes: She will be taking us through ‘how to prepare’ nutritious, fast and easy healthy dishes

awe summit chef

Oct 3 10:30AM–11:10AM · Sessions

How to manage your Natural Afro Hair

Learn about you natural hair and how to maintain. Hosted by Natural hair specialist.

She will be talking about Hair: how to take care of our natural Hair and which products to use and what makes hair grow long or thick or voluminous, depending on your needs.

AWE -Janine Van Throo

Oct 3 10:30AM–11:10AM · Sessions

Investment opportunity in Africa Workshop

Investing in Africa: what are the returns in the continent and how do you invest. Join us to discuss asset returns, exciting investment opportunities. Mbithe Muema will be sharing information on returns, and emerging opportunities in the continent.

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-08 at 11.20.17

Oct 3 10:30AM–11:10AM · Sessions

Business Mindset Workshop

The 4Cs of a Successful Online Business to give you the financial freedom you need. How to cure the business failure disease and much more.

Beatrice Lukose Workshop (1)

Oct 3 11:10AM–11:30AM · Stage

Break / Network

Break and Networking time


Oct 3 11:30AM–12:10AM · Sessions

Agriculture Workshop

How to start farming business from Diaspora.

Maggie Mulwa

Oct 3 11:30AM–12:10PM · Sessions

Youth workshop

Reclaiming your destiny

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-08 at 11.20.18

Oct 3 11:30AM–12:10PM · Sessions

Creative writing workshop for kids 5-15 yrs

Write to boost your self-confidence and self-worth. In this workshop, kids 5- 15 yrs will learn the importance expressing themselves in writing. Kids learn how to detox themselves through writing

Beatrice Acheleke

Oct 3 12:20PM–1:00PM · Expo

Break / Network

VISIT EXPO / Networking


Oct 3 1:00PM–1:20PM · Stage


Welcome to Conference


Oct 3 1:20PM–2:00PM · Stage


AWE members in UK representatives will share topics related to the situation in US as Diaspora

Uk TeamAngelaJennifer Obaseki

Oct 3 2:00PM–2:10PM · Networking

Break / Network


Oct 3 2:10PM–2:50PM · Stage

AWE Kenya

AWE members representatives in Kenya will share topics related to the situation in Kenya and Diaspora

Kenya Teamawe summitSarah Karingi

Oct 3 2:50PM–3:00PM · Stage



Oct 3 3:00PM–3:40PM · Stage

AWE Switzerland

AWE members in Switzerland representatives will share topics related to the situation in Switzerland as Diaspora

Swiss TeamPaul Swiss

Oct 3 3:40PM–4:00PM · Stage



Oct 3 4:00PM–4:40PM · Stage

AWE Holland

AWE members in Holland representatives will share topics related to the situation in Holland as Diaspora

Holland TeamDebbie Omolo. jpeg

Oct 3 4:40PM–5:00PM · Stage

Entertainment / Fashion


Oct 3 5:00PM–5:40PM · Stage

AWE Germany

AWE members in Germany representatives will share topics related to the situation in Germany as Diaspora

Germany TeamMoses AcquahSharondaCornelia

Oct 3 5:40PM–6:00PM · Stage


awe summit joy and sons

Oct 3 6:00PM–8:00PM · Stage

After Party Entertainment

Live Entertainment with DJ Aisha from Germany

AWE -DJ Aisha






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