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AWE (African Women in Europe) Started in 2008, Awe, which was founded by Kenyans Joy Zenz( Left) and Co-founder Wambui Njau (right), has grown to a membership of 6,000. The women support, encourage and inspire each other while investing both in Europe and Africa in support of the continent’s economic development.

“We have also had support from mainstream organisations and individuals who believe in the importance of African women’s engagement in African economic development,” says Joy.

“We organise ourselves throughout the year to provide a forum through which to network, organise, share experiences and meet. Our main event is the annualconference in various European cities. These meetings culminate in our flagship event, the African Women in Europe Awards, which recognise excellence.”

Awe enables African women to connect with their counterparts in Europe and grow their businesses. In the long run, it aims to improve women’s life in Africa financially.

Joy Zenz was born in Kenyan but lives in Germany. Her aim is to connect African women living in Europe and elsewhere irrespective of their geographical locations.

Wambui Njau lives in the UK. She works with a Swedish construction company as an IT project co-ordinator. She is also the chief administrator at Awe and co-hosts the radio show with Joy, interviewing women who can inspire and empower others.-

AWE have so many projects and AWE Conferences and Awards Events  are held yearly.

AWE Awards 2011

AWE Awards 2013

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