Workshop Facilitator

PROGRAMME EVENT – Workshop Facilitators

18TH JUNE 2016

Betty Makoni

Muzware Betty Makoni Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Girl Child Network Worldwide. Recently she was selected to be in the team of UK experts for Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative. She joins the team as a Gender Based Violence expert. In her many high profile titles, millions across the world passionately call her CNN Hero as she was the top in 2009 category for Protecting the Powerless and was honored by UNIFEM Goodwill Ambassador Nicole Kidman. She has over 44 global awards for excellency, innovation and passion for girls and women`s rights. Newsweek named her amongst 150 women who shake the world IN 2011. Published Author & Poet, Theatre Director, Educationist and a critical thinker.


Veye Wirngo Tatah Veye Tatah is the founder of the association “Positive Africa” and honorary chief editor of the magazine of the same name. She is a Cameroonian computer scientist, journalist and honorary chief editor of the magazine Africa Positive. A computer scientist and Entrepreneur from Cameroon. She has successfully established two business enterprises in Dortmund, but she is better known for her tireless efforts to promote integration of African migrants in Germany.

Ms Jennifer Obaseki- Human Rights expert

Jennifer Obaseki Human Rights expert and Entrepreneur
Founder and Senior Partner Holding a BA in Law and Economics, she founded – Obaseki Solicitors and is the senior partner. With her successes in representing clients with difficult immigration and human rights matters spreading internationally, the practice is considered to have leading influence. The firm specialises and is dedicated to improving human rights , family rights as well as assisting clients to develop successful businesses- they have acquired a number of awards and extensive testimonials.

Jenny Chika Okafor

Jenny Chika Okafor
A mother, lawyer, civil rights advocate, political commentator, lobbyist, business adviser, committed charity and community volunteer.
She has a passion and concentrating on women and girls’ rights issues with the aim of assisting them in finding their places in society early in life without fear and minimum difficulties.
She is a blogger and a founder of XRAY with Jenny Chika Okafor discussions about leadership, morality, equality, religion, consciousness & social justice around the globe with Africa as her main focus.
She is also the president of Nigerian Women in the Diaspora Leadership forum (NWIDLF).

Joy 1
Joy Wanjiru Zenz (Machugu) Almost a decade ago she founded the organisation African Women in Europe (A.W.E.) and established a website ( where over 1,000 women in Europe network, support and encourage each others projects, events and business endeavours. Women Empowerment Activist and Event Organiser. Acknowledged in the Sonne-Magazine as amongst 20 most influential woman working to advance and build the African image in the diaspora. Promoting entrepreneurship and networking among African women living in Europe and other geographical locations is her passion. She believes in African women empowerment here in Europe. Through the AWE platform African women have been able to connect and build a positive image of African Women in Europe. She believes in working together as a team and her Motto is “Together we are STRONG”

Wambui Njau

Wambui Njau
Co-Founder of African Women in Europe (AWE) and Event organiser. She has a passion in bringing African women together to work, support and empower each other .
Founder of Fanaka Foundation Womens Group- a private organisation that builds women to encourage investing back in Kenya, supporting each other and takes part in charity donations to educate young girls. The organisation is active and has been running for over 5 years.Member of the British Computer Society (MBCS)
Winner of GAB Awards 2015 for Africa Cohesion
Finalist as Role Model of the Year in W4Africa organisation.
Past honoring secretary of Kenya Golf Society Europe (KGSE)
Senior IT Project Manager- Skanska

Phoebe Ruguru

Phoebe Ruguru Filmmaker, Poet, writer and student. Winner of AWE Young Achievers Award. At a young age of 17 she became a Kenyan film director and producer known for winning the 2014 modern day slavery short film competition in London. Her winning film Saidia (Swahili for “help”) was shot entirety on her iPhone 4s.


Wacuka Kamau She is 23 years old and lives in Cologne Germany. She has a Bachelor degree in multilingual communication and a very proud Kenyan/African lady. She has a passion with languages and identity crisis for youth in Europe, she uses every opportunity to raise her voice on this issue.


PROGRAMME EVENT – Workshop Facilitators

20TH JUNE 2015

GENEVA-Best Western Hotel- Les Champs Blancs, CH-1279 Chavannes-de-Bogis, Switzerland Time: 3:00pm – 5:00pm


Mala Shah Photo

Mala Shah CEO MDS Speaker, Trainer and Author -Mala brings unique leadership training, introducing you to her “C.I.P” Model. C.I.P = Consistent, Insistent and Persistent. Her style of exploring and explaining through art of using different techniques will inspire you to push yourself to reach your next goal. Through her training programme “Mission to Success” and “Mission to Vision” people have managed to change their Belief system and created a new path to reach their goals.

Yemi Akande2

Lady Yemi Akinola is the Founder and Visioner of Voice of Hope Women Foundation. A seasoned Television and Radio Producer/Presenter she is an accomplished Media Practitioner who has used her various platforms on the Media to Promote Women Issues and Agenda. Lady Yemi hosts the Radio Show Feminine Mattarz, an interactive session that encourages callers to share their stories.  A multiple Award Winner and self acclaimed Tourism Ambassador for Africa, Lady Yemi also produces and Hosts the popular Tourism Documentary PEOPLE AND PLACES shown on Ben Tv Sky 182 as well as Present on You Decide and The Breakfast Show. Lady Yemi is a Mother of 4 and an active Church Worker.

JumeyiJumeyi Akoh started her professional career in Nigeria as a secondary school teacher then lecturer. In the United Kingdom she honed her skills in training and consultancy before recently undertaking an LLB degree. Jumeyi is a motivational speaker, mentor and facilitator whose style of delivery is never far away from the story telling tradition of her African heritage. In this workshop Jumeyi delves into this rich tradition to help women

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