About AWE

About AWE

AWE was started in 2008 and it is a private initiative registered in Germany.

Our mission

To reflect a positive image of an African woman by, creating an atmosphere where women can network, support, encourage and empower each other.

Aims and Objectives

*Empower African women.

*Support upcoming and existing entrepreneurs.

*Positively reflect the image of an African woman.

* Informative and easy to manage networking platform.

*Connect and form sustainable partnership among members.

* Organise face to face Networking Events ie Awards, conferences and workshop


The growth of AWE has been a great success with an overwhelming support of women in Europe and Africa. We salute all the women who tirelessly work hard not only to achieve their personal goals but are a positive influence to the community at large.

Our vision is to extract and recognize the potential within and without, and empower women to reach out to other women and the communities they daily interact with as they achieve their full potential.

AWE recognizes women in the market place who go above and beyond their call of duty in our AWE AWARD CEREMONY, which are held in various venues in Europe. This is held every other second Year

AWE conferences are also great platform where we organise tailored workshops to fit our member’s needs. Women learn and network with each other.

We encourage you to visit our website www.africanwomenineurope.eu and read more about our work. To join is free but you can also pay a yearly fee to get regular information and discounts to join our events.

About AWE Awards

The A.W.E award started in 2010. The aim is to recognise and honour African Women living, working, and studying in business in Europe. The need for the Award came from an assessment conducted through the African women in Europe website which has over 1000 registered members. There was the need to honour these women for being good role models in their communities.

Candidates from all over Europe (AWE members or non-member) apply for the Awards. An appointed judicial board select the most qualified nominee in each category. Thereafter, the awards are presented to the ward winners during the Award ceremony. The ceremonies are held in different cities in Europe and everyone is invited to join the Awards ceremony.

Objectives and aims

*Empower and recognise African Women in Europe

*Educate members through speeches and workshop during the Award ceremonies

*Support upcoming and existing entrepreneurs by marketing their work

*Organising a networking Event.


AWE Awards 2017

AWE Awards 2018 was held in Berlin, Germany on 23th September 2017. The Event attracted over 350 men and women all over Europe. 11 women and men received winners Awards and 30 Award Achievement

AWE Conference 2016

AWE Awards 2015 was held in Düsseldorf, Germany on 20th June 2015. The event attracted over 300 men and women all over Europe. The Conference had different Workshop with different Topics to fit different need of AWE members

AWE Awards 2015

AWE Awards 2015 was held in Geneva, Switzerland on 20th June 2015. The attractive theme “Leadership and Honouring Women Rights” attracted over 300 men and women all over Europe. 10 women received winners Awards and 10 Award Achievement

AWE Awards 2010

The 1st AWE award was held in the trendy city of Berlin on the 18 July 2011. The event attracted over 80 participants living in cities across Europe such as Amsterdam, Geneva, London, Hamburg, Berlin and Paris. The main cities in Europe were more than adequately represented during the event.

AWE Awards 2013

The sterling efforts of Kenyan women living in Europe were recognised at a major awards ceremony in central London on June 29. Some 200 African men and women from the UK and mainland Europe attended the African Women in Europe (Awe) awards ceremony, a biennial event held to acknowledge achievements of the continent’s diaspora. Poppy Majingo, Minister Counsellor at the Botswana High Commission, was the chief guest.

AWE Other Projects

AWE Blog Talk Radio show

This is an online Radio show hosted and run by volunteer AWE members. AWE members and guest are interviewed monthly to discuss about their projects ,products and services.


AWE will be launching its own book with stories written by AWE members to empower, motivate others and also to leave a legacy behind that.  Tobe launched during the 1O AWE Anniversary


*A.W.E events are held yearly. By sponsoring our events your company will be recognised throughout the event period and after.

*The events attract African women and African community all over Europe and from different countries in Africa. Your Company will be able to reach out to potential customers here in Europe.

*AWE Awards is ever growing. The website has over 1500 members and on Facebook we have over 2000 members in different groups and pages.

*On our Event Reports your company will be mentioned. These documents will be available to all our members and public.

*Company products, flyers; information, etc. will be displayed in the Event Venue Stalls. (Contact us if interested to book a stall)

*By being associated with a progressive an African Women organisation, you will help establish global appeal and goodwill for your brand



AWE Event Team Organisers have provided high-quality event for over 9 years. We carefully listen to our guests wishes, learn from our past events and do everything we can to exceed our guest and sponsors expectations. No matter how big or small the event will be, we go above and beyond to make the planning process enjoyable and event day as unique and memorable as possible.

Joy ZenzAWE founder

Based in Germany

AWE Awards Project co-ordinator,

Programs and Events Co-ordinator

Wambui NjauAWE CO-Founder

Based in UK

Marketing & Events Co-ordinator

AWE Public Relation


Milka MuigaiAWE Administator

Based in UK

Event Supporter


Hilda HoyerBased in Germany

AWE Administrator

Event Supporter


How to contact us:


Mobile: +491738396949 .

Skype: africawomen.


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