Apply 2017 Awards


Individual Awards

AWE Award

This award will be given to an outstanding leader whose persistent commitment pursues the goal to enable more women to be successful in their communities/businesses or professions. All professions can apply.

Entrepreneur of the Year

This award will be given to an entrepreneur that has been successful in their business despite the barriers that exist for African women business owners.

Youth of the Year

This award will be given to youth up to the age of 16 years to 30 years, male or female who have had a positive impact on the local community.

Writer of the Year

This award will be given to an author/ writer of book/s, magazine or blog whose writing inspires and empowers.

Artist/Musician of the Year

This award will be given to a musician/singer or artist whose work celebrates Africa’s art and culture.

African fashion Designer

This award will be given to a fashion designers to promote African fashion in Europe.

Media Woman of the year

This award will be given to a presenter connecting the Diaspora through media. Motivating, informing and empowering

Team Awards

Community Service Organization

This award will be given to a team that is giving back to the community in any of the following areas integration, charity, faith, community work, social and health services.

Non-governmental organization (NGO)-

This award will be given to an Ngo team that is educating and empowering women and youth in Africa or Europe.

Special Award

Male Role Model of the Year

This Award target male applicant living in Europe . One who has passion and ability to inspire, has clear set of value and has great impact to the community.

Who is eligible?

The Awe Achievement Award nominees must:

  1. Be individuals who live in Europe
  2. Permit in writing their acceptance of the nomination and the use of their name, photo and information in connection with the Awe Achievement Award.
  3. Upon notification of their nomination and finalist status, the nominee must be prepared to register and be in attendance at the AWE Achievement Award on (Date and Venue to be confirmed) where the Awards will be formally presented.

Who may submit a nomination?

Businesses and organizations, and individuals, may submit a nomination application. You can submit one or as many nominations as you wish BUT you cannot nominate the same woman/ team in different categories.

How do I nominate someone?

Complete the online application form below in FULL and submit by

Midnight 2nd June 2017

Questions:  Email


All candidates will be notified by email of their nomination once their application has been reviewed and accepted. The first top 3 Nominatee on each category will be announced by the end of 30th June

Nomination Deadline: 2nd June 2017



Please fill the Application Form and requirements 

Read the rules and regulations  here 

May the best woman win!


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