AWE Awards 2017 Report


On the 23rd of September 2017, African women in Europe held an award ceremony at the NH Hotel Alexander Platz Berlin Germany. The main goal
of the ceremony was to recognise and honour African Women living, working, studying or in business in Europe.

The ceremony was open for African women and men living in Europe accompanied by their supporters, which brought approximately 200 attendances from all over Europe together.

Networking being one of the objectives of the ceremony, attendees had the opportunity all through the ceremony to share ideas and hold discussions among themselves. The key speakers Dr. Vivian Timothy and Wambui Njau who spoke about diversity shared their own individual experiences, thus encouraging every African never to give up despite the challenges and barriers of living in the diaspora. It was very educative and inspiring.

The highlight of the ceremony was to recognise and honour the African women in Europe for their achievements. All the nominees were rewarded with certificates of achievement and the winners were rewarded with the African Women in Europe – Award, depending on the category they were nominated. We once more congratulate everyone who received either the certificate or the award.

We had a wonderful time together not forgetting to mention about the amazing entertainment, which was responsible for the solemn atmosphere during and after the event. The feedback of the ceremony was very positive. Attendees enjoyed the opportunity of meeting positive minded people from different countries of Africa and Europe.

On behalf of the founder of the African Women in Europe – Joy Zenz – and her
team, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all our sponsors who made this ceremony successful.

We would also like to mention a deep sense of appreciation to all the attendees for giving so freely of yourselves and making the ceremony not only colourful in your best African outfit, but also made it to be a memorable occasion.


Many thanks to our Sponsors Worldremit, Diverse cultures Publishing, Obaseki solicitors, Supply to my Door, African Heritage, Trevo, German Made easy, Kantu Products and well wishers.
Without a great organising team this would have not been possible. Thank you to Wambui Njau, Milka Muigai, Hilda Hoyer, Lucy Oyubo, Grace Albrecht, Laura Ngaba Tinzoh, Mariem Mwinyimbegu, Maggie Mulwa and all of you that helped in one way or another.
All of us made new friends and contacts and this can only contribute to our motto that goes “Together we are strong.”

We are eagerly waiting for the next occasion, which will be held in The Netherland on 30th June 2017 at NH Schiphol Airport Hotel.
See you soon

…………………………………………Together We Are Strong …………………………………………

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