AWE-CC 2022 Event

We are very honoured to present to you AWE 2022 Event. We have now expanded and in 2022 we will host 4 – 5 Events in different countries in Europe. After a long period of lockdown due to Covid-19 Pandemic, AWE resume to face to face events but focusing its members in specific country’s

AWE members with support of AWE committee will help to organise these events. A great opportunity as a sponsor to reach out to new markets in Europe

African Women in Europe has over the years grown to a membership of over 6000 African Women in Europe and globally, over the past 14 years. Women support, encourage and inspire each other while investing both in Europe and in Africa. In support of African economic development. We have also had support from mainstream organizations and key individuals from across the spectrums who believe in the importance of African women’s engagement with African economic development and who are excited that we are doing it for ourselves.

We organise ourselves virtually throughout the year so that this amazing group of women have a forum through which to network, organize, share experiences and meet. Our main event of which we are extremely proud is the annual conference meeting, held in the main European cities. Offering Workshop and Seminar. Such as the events that have taken place in Rome, Madrid, Paris, Berlin, UK, Switzerland, Germany, Holland. These meetings have now grown and culminate in our flagship event, the high-profile African Women in Europe Awards, which recognizes excellence, now in its 14th year, and for which we have overwhelming support

AWE Network is an open platform where we offer a connection platform to connect women all over. This includes women in Africa. Women in business have an opportunity to connect with African women in Europe to grow their business. In the long ran we aim to improve women’s life in Africa financially.

AWE Aims and Objectives

*Empower African women.

*Support upcoming and existing entrepreneurs in Europe and Africa.

*Positively reflect the image of an African woman.

*Offer an informative and easy to manage networking platform.

*Connect and form sustainable partnership among members.

*Organise face to face Networking, Empowerment Events eg Awards, conferences and workshop.

*Offer mentorship “AWE GPS Mentorship Project”

*Investing in Africa though AWE Diaspora SACCO and Africa Women in Trade

More details will be shared shortly

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