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Nutrition fast and Easy healthy dishes

Carol Waithera is a renowned chef at Haus Muhlenbrock. She hosts the Karibu Jikoni show where she talks about dance, food, song and cheer.

She will be taking us through ‘how to prepare’ nutritious, fast and easy healthy dishes especially for those that do not have the time to sit through a whole recipe.

AWE -Janine Van Throo


How to manage your Natural Afro Hair

Janine is a natural hair therapist and a product Formulator of Sisay Cosmetics. She will be talking about Hair: how to take care of our natural Hair and which products to use and what makes hair grow long or thick or voluminous.

Janine was the first person to open a Natural Hair Care Product Boutique in Amsterdam. In 2011, she was awarded the African Business Award and is recognised as one of the best Natural Hair Therapists on the global scale.

She is a researcher and product inventor who formulates Natural Hair Products for Afro and Curly Hair.

She will be sharing in her experience of her Natural hair journey and also talking about her products that are designed to improve Natural hair and care for it that are her own formulas for her brand , Sisay Cosmetics.

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Investment opportunity in Africa Workshop

Mbithe Muema is a Financial Consultant, she runs the platform ‘Ask Mbithe’ that hosts different manner of classes on investments. She is the CEO of Infallible Group and will be sharing information on returns, and emerging opportunities in the continent and how our fellow brothers and sisters in the diaspora can be part of these back home.

If you’re keen on investments and want to keep abreast of both local and global financial news as well as investments then you’re in the right place.

Beatrice Lukose Workshop (1)


Business Mindset Workshop

Dr Beatrice Lukose is an author, Life and business coach, CEO and founder of Motivat School. She will be covering Money and Business Mindset Workshop. This is a great opportunity to share the key lessons she has learnt from her studies in Doctorate in Business Administration and years of experience in online business, eCommerce platforms etc. These lessons will absolutely transform your life

Here are key topics she’ll cover:

  • The 4Cs of a Successful Online Business to give you the financial freedom you need
  • How to cure the business failure disease
  • How to discover who to focus on in a Business
  • How to communicate your offer to the client
  • The Online Business equation that guarantees success
  • Ready? Let systems work for you and enjoy a life you are happy of. Do you want a life and business you have happy of?

During the workshop we shall put you into a business frame of mind to cover the fundamental laws in the business world and key online business facts which will enhance your understanding of the elements of a successful entrepreneur. It will put you in a millionaire mindset frame. My research in Emotional Intelligence and Business for my Doctorate in Business Administration will provide you with the right knowledge to become a fearless entrepreneur to obtain the life you are happy of without much hustle.

See you in the workshop

Maggie Mulwa


Agriculture Workshop: How to start farming from distance

Digital farming made possible.  Follow your dream and make it earn you a living.
How to start farming business from Diaspora:

  • Business Plan
  • Costs/budget
  • Farm Produce marketing
  • Potential earnings
  • Risks

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Reclaiming your destiny

Victoria Nkatha is a personal Coach that loves to inspire and encourage others with testimonies about her experiences in life especially. She loves to give hope to those who feel they are backed against a corner.

Having gone through a lot of experiences she decided to find a way to motivate others to overcome life’s hurdles like she did.

She will be sharing her experiences through life; past experiences, present situations, and future ambitions.

Learning from others is also important.

She will take us through what we will need to reclaim our destiny by:

  • Empowering, inspiring and motivating our lives
  • Tackling mental-health issues and daily life issues
  • Bringing about positivity and growth
  • Teaching you how to respond rather than react, to life.

Feel free to visit her website more information:

Beatrice Acheleke


Creative writing workshop for kids 5-15 yrs

Write to boost your self-confidence and self-worth. Creative writing workshop for kids from 5 to 15 years. With Beatrice Achaleke, serial author and publisher of GloBUNTU Books.

Growing up as a black child is not easy. The negative image and perception of Africa and Africans in schoolbooks, the media etc. affects our kids, sometimes more than we know.

Many African kids experience discrimination, racism and bullying at school, in social media etc.

In my masterclasses kids learn how to detox themselves through writing.

In this workshop, kids will learn:

  • Why it is so important for them to express themselves in writing
  • How to express themselves in writing

Feel free to visit my website for more information:



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