Event Team

Event organising Team

AWE Event Team Organisers have provided high-quality event for 10 years. We carefully listen to our guests wishes, learn from our past events and do everything we can to exceed our guest and sponsors expectations. No matter how big or small the event will be, we go above and beyond to make the planning process enjoyable and event day as unique and memorable as possible.


Joy Zenz AWE founder and CEO

Based in Germany

AWE Awards Project co-ordinator,

Programs and Events Co-ordinator




Wambui NjauWambui Njau AWE CO-Founder

Based in UK

Marketing & Events Co-ordinator

AWE Public Relation



Milka Muigai  AWE Administrator

Hilda Hoyer  AWE Administrator

Other Supporters

Elizabeth Ragwar and Hilda Hoyer (Germany Group Head)

Maggie Mulwa and Milkah Muigai (UK Group Head)

Hellen Kahugu & Jael Blind  (Swiss Group Head)

Nelly Otenyo and Kadogo Nyawade (Holland Head)

Janine Van Throo and  Regina Mukondola (Belgium Group Head)

 Victoria Nkatha (Denmark Youth Program Head)

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