AWE Awards 2017

AWE Award Ceremony 23rd September 2017

NH Hotel AlexanderPlatz Berlin


About AWE Awards 2017

We are proud to provide a platform to celebrate and honor the talents, achievements and positive impact of African women in Europe in the community. Women who have taken risks, pushed limits, and broken ground in a wide variety of fields, celebrating their unique accomplishments.

This year we particularly want to acknowledge team work which reflects our motto “Together we are strong!”

We have therefore added a new sub-category to our awards, “The team achievement award” which honors teams of African women in Europe for their combined effort in accomplishing a specific goal, project, initiative or event.

A team must consist of at least 2 women working together for a minimum of 6 months.


Individual Awards

AWE Award

This award will be given to an outstanding leader whose persistent commitment pursues the goal to enable more women to be successful in their communities/businesses or professions. All professions can apply.

Entrepreneur of the Year

This award will be given to an entrepreneur that has been successful in their business despite the barriers that exist for African women business owners.

Youth of the Year

This award will be given to youth up to the age of 16 years to 30 years, male or female who have had a positive impact on the local community.

Writer of the Year

This award will be given to an author/ writer of book/s, magazine or blog whose writing inspires and empowers.

Artist/Musician of the Year

This award will be given to a musician/singer or artist whose work celebrates Africa’s art and culture.

African fashion Designer

This award will be given to a fashion designers to promote African fashion in Europe.

Media Woman of the year

This award will be given to a presenter connecting the Diaspora through media. Motivating, informing and empowering

Team Awards

Community Service Organization-

This award will be given to a team that is giving back to the community in any of the following areas integration, charity, faith, community work, social and health services.

Non-governmental organization (NGO)-

This award will be given to an Ngo team that is educating and empowering women and youth in Africa or Europe.

Read more  on the how to apply below

AWE Awards Guidelines

 How to apply for the Awards

How to book your Event ticket and Accomodation

One Comment:

  1. Now in its second year, the annual AWE Awards were founded to recognise the achievements of, and to empower, African women in Europe to bring a positive change in themselves and surroundings.

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