AWE Membership

Dear Members

Thank you for being part of AWE. We have seen a lot of improvement and changes since AWE started.

The aim and objective of AWE has been the same since it started in 2008:-

To Mobilise Women in one platform

We have achieved this with the AWE website where members can sign in for free and be part of the organisation. We have different groups tailored according to our member’s wishes.

Information platform

Members have been able to connect though the website platform and also via other AWE social networks, Facebook, WhatsApp & Twitter groups etc. Information technology has provided the chance to spread information to all our members. AWE has a Blog talk radio show used to inform women about useful information and to market our members businesses.

To Empower and Acknowledge achievements

AWE Awards was launched on 2011 in Berlin and now being hosted in different countries in Europe, so far has been held in Germany, UK, Switzerland. Members have been recognised for their achievements here in Europe.

Network Platform

AWE has hosted events all over Europe to allow our members to meet face to face and network. All events have different theme targeting different members and needs.

AWE now needs your support to move to the next higher level, we are requesting all AWE members to pay a small annual fee of 20 Euro to help us improve our services.

Here are areas that need financial support

  1. Reduce event fee for AWE members who have paid membership fee
  2. Improve AWE website to a more interactive website and Website facelift.
  3. Cover website costs that are incurred yearly
  4. Provide even more professional events hence not relying so much on sponsorship for our own success.
  5. Start projects in Africa those that are sustainable on both sides.
  6. Sponsor high level speakers and Workshop facilitators to empower AWE members.

Membership condition

Fee paid will cover the whole year irrespective when the fee was paid in the year.

i.e, if one pays in January and the other pays in June the fee will be the same. Year start June and ends in June.

  • We encourage our members to support us even with more funds. You can decide how much you can support us but the minimum fee is 20 Euros.
  • We have discounted fees for the youth, junior and senior members.
  • We have T-shirts sold for All AWE members separately. This can be picked up during the AWE events.
  • All we need is your email and full actual name.
  • Paypal account will be needed.
  • Membership fee can be paid from now on
  • Fee is non refundable

AWE Membership Application Information Click to apply

To contact email us on

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