Women in Leadership

Join us today as we discuss why women leadership is important in Africa.

Our Guest Angela Asante-Armar who is going to ran for Ghana President in the near future will join us as she share with us her journey and her mission.

Upcoming Classes 

Diaspora Information day

Welcome to information day for the African diaspora from Germany and Austria with roots from Ghana, Cameroon and Kenya.

We will be informing you how to get grant to support your family business in Africa .

This is an information day for Diaspora community only and will be happening on three days only ( 24th/ 25th/ 26th/ October at 7:00 PM) via Zoom.

Registration is needed 

Other AIM Classes 


30th 0f October 2020, 

19:00 PM – 20:00 PM Central Europe time 

Why Africa Diaspora should invest in Africa 

Learn how to best invest in the Africa market as diaspora from the expert and be part of Africa development. Western world had been doing it and so should you! Irrespective of your nationality

What You’ll Learn:

  1. Why you should invest in Africa Now?
  2. How to invest in Africa?
  3. What options are available to start immediately?
  4. How your investment helps Africa economy development

Only 100 Seats Available! @25 Euro 

If you are interested to join AIM Group  register here.


AWE Products 


AWE has created a space for us to communicate without being judged and without being blocked or censored due to topics related to us in an app. This is important in the journey towards owning ourselves. Have you already downloaded the AWE app?

We are charging a fee 19.99 Euro BUT If you join between today till end of October you save 50% (9.99 Euro.)

The app is available on iOS and Google play store, search for AWE or African Women in Europe on your search bar and follow AWE Logo symbol. 

Also watch video to have an overview of the AWE Apphttps://youtu.beWeVja2C6O6A

Add your pictures, update your profile and network with like-mined individuals all over the world.

Here’s an overview of how the app looks like once you download it!!

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