AWE Awards 2019 sponsorship are now open

Sponsors are welcome to support us as we support you to advertise your products, Services during the event. Contact us for our Proposal we will be happy to send it to you and negotiate.

Email us Info@africanwomenineurope.eu

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 Africa Market in Europe allow you to display your products and services for all our contact to find you on one market place.

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Specialist in Immigration,Property,Crime,Civil litigation and Training.

Jennifer Obaseki


Ordering with Supply to my door is simple. All you have to do Create your SUPPLY account and construct your SUPPLY LIST. Once that is done, one of our expert service providers will get in touch with you.


Mkenya Ujerumani


Mkenya Ujerumani e.V. is registered as a community based organisation in Kenya and in Germany and works with a team in both countries. We’re dedicated to informing Kenyans on the opportunities open to them in Germany and how to access these opportunities in the right way.

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JustNatural  provide best training on how to maintain good health with natural products

Optiven is based in Kenya and offer  affordable prime properties to the professionals and business people in the diaspora , they  provide reasonably priced housing for the Eastern Africa communities. They link up home owners and developers with the market and  give back to the community through provision of affordable education and hospitality services

The Voice Achiever

The Voice magazine is editorially independent although it enjoys the support of its readers, subscribers, advertisers, non-governmental organizations and individuals of like minds; however the magazine and its publishers are in no way affiliated to any of these bodies or to any other -publishing institution or political interest or group.

German made easy

German made Easy Wir sind ein junges Unternehmen, welches sich zum Ziel gesetzt hat, durch kompetente Beratungs- und Bildungsdienstleistungen und individuellen Service Menschen mit Migrationshintergrund bessere Chancen auf Integration in deutschen Ausbildungs- und Arbeitsmarkt zu ermöglichen.

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Shine Organic Cosmetics 

Shine Organic Cosmetics produces and distributes beauty products like liquid African black soaps, scrubs, masks and natural oils, fully organic. And mainly made of typical African herbs and condiments, by African women in the rural areas of Nigeria. This is in the bid to preserve centuries-old African beauty regimen and products, empower the African women in the rural areas, present the beauty of African tradition through our cosmetics to the world.
And at the same time to promote and encourage the use of chemical free cosmetic products towards a healthy living.



Sherly Products 

Musaba OOD

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