African Women in Europe Awards (AWEA) Empowerment & Recognising Achievements Across Europe

AWE Award Ceremony 23rd September 2017 NH Hotel AlexanderPlatz Berlin Theme: Celebrate Unity & Appreciate Diversity About AWE Awards A.W.E award started in 2010. The aim is to recognise and honour African Women living, working, studying or in business in Europe. The need for the Award came from an assessment conducted through the African women in Europe website which has over 1000 registered members. There was the need to honour these women for being good role models in their communities. Candidates from all over Europe (AWE members or non-member) apply for the Awards. An appointed judicial board select the most …

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AWE Conference 18th June 2016


AWE Awards 2015 Geneva Nominees

AWE Awards 2015 Geneva Nominees

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